Bill Wiemuth will be featured as a guest speaker onboard 28 cruises for American Cruise Line again for 2018. Book today and come have some fun discovering the amazing tales from U.S. history! Long before their were roads and railroads, the river systems of America offered the early avenues for western exploration and development. Tales of explorers like Lewis and Clark, paddlewheel steamboats, Mark Twain, the Oregon Trail, the Civil War, and many more. Themes expand in Alaska to highlight the region’s development and the area’s incredible environment and wildlife.

Bill also will be performing onboard as an evening show performer with his wife Laura Sable in tribute shows including “Crazy for Patsy Cline” and “A Tribute to the Great Ladies of Song,” plus their “Magic, Music, and Mayhem” variety show, and regional highlights including their “Music of the Rivers” show, and “Voices of Alaska” plus “Woody Guthrie Paints the Columbia River in Song.”

(Lower Mississippi River aboard riverboat “America”)
11/11/2017           11/18/2017     New Orleans-Memphis
11/18/2017         11/25/2017    Memphis-New Orleans
11/25/2017         12/2/2017     New Orleans-Memphis
12/2/2017           12/9/2017     Memphis-New Orleans
12/9/2017          12/16/2017    New Orleans round-trip

2018 Schedule — CLICK HERE

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I just want to encourage you to cruise in the United States for the first time (or again and again and again!). You will love it. Our great nation has many treasures to reveal to you. There may be no greater delight than the view from the deck of a riverboat sliding gracefully along a ribbon of waterway, surrounded by any of a myriad of types of terrain on different cruises. Great scenery, wonderful tours of interesting towns, delicious food, excellent onboard lecturers and talented guest entertainment (if I do say so myself!). Low key, casual, all-inclusive, small crowds (180 or less), and some of the nicest onboard staff I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

For more info about cruising with American Cruise Lines or Pearl Seas Cruises, here’s a link to their websites.

All the best to you!
— Bill

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