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My name is Bill Wiemuth and I look forward to sharing with you some amazing stories.

I love the rivers…
I love the rivers of America and the stories flowing powerfully along in their current and their past. For much of the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of sharing with riverboat cruise guests a meaningful fascination for the history of the cruise region. What a gift that journey has been.

You are going to love these stories!
I occasionally have a cruise guest tell me they are for the first time realizing that history can we fascinating! That makes me feel so honored to help them spark a meaningful love-affair with the incredible true stories of our country’s early days. These are exciting tales of how the young United States grew from infancy to adulthood along the banks of America’s rivers.

Stories like…
Enjoy riveting tales of explorers, unusual cultures, and efforts to harness the continent’s resources. There’s international intrigue and secret deals that explain how the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans played a role in the United States doubling in size. An adventure story highlight is the epic journey of the expedition led by Lewis and Clark across the continent’s unknown interior. The fur traders. The missionaries. Accompany the Oregon Trail pioneers and understand how those travelers further expanded the United States. Revel in the mythic era of the paddlewheel steamboats and Mark Twain. Follow the drama and struggle to control the rivers during the Civil War. And so many more! Peruse our podcasts and River History Audiobook Series.

What I have to share…
For more than 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to research, write, produce and develop entertaining learning programs for cruise lines, conferences, events, and for online. I have traveled America’s rives on more than 350 cruise and I have presented more than 1,500 dynamic learning programs on cruises and at events across the U.S. and internationally.      <|>    To empower my presentation abilities, I proudly remain diverse active as an author, speaker, producer, and documentary filmmaker.      <|>     I have been honored to appear as a river history expert on numerous regional and national radio television programs including National Public Radio, CNN’s Headline News and ABC’s Good Morning, America.      <|>     I draw from my journalism degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. I was proud to be recognized as a Certified Interpretive Guide by the National Association of Interpretation which does training for the National Park Service. I also enjoyed earning my Alaska Naturalist credentials from the University of Alaska – Southeast.       <|>     I extend honor and gratitude to those that came before and took the time to write it down, draw a picture, take a photo, write a song, and tell a story.

About my learning programs…
I am currently the producer and host for two well-reviewed online radio show podcasts.      <|>     The River History Podcast highlights stories of amazing people and dramatic events that impacted the western growth of the United States along the rivers of America.      <|>     The National Rivers Hall of Fame Podcast highlights the people that influenced the history of these rivers and their role in the wild western growth of the United States.      <|>     I also have a collection of incredible historical tales available in my River History Audiobook Series which is now available for immediate online enjoyment.

If you’d like to book me to come speak to your organization, send me an email with some basic details about the date, place, audience, type of event. I’ll give you a call and we can discuss. Email: Bill@riverhistory.com

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