2018 Schedule confirmed!

To view the 2018 dates and cruises onboard which Laura and I will be lecturing and entertaining, just CLICK HERE to visit my Schedule Page.

Laura and I are proud to return to work another year under contract with American Cruise Line and Pearl Seas Cruises. They provide a great experience both onboard and on the included shore excursions. I encourage you to cruise in the United States for the first time (or again and again and again!). You will love it. Our great nation has many treasures to reveal to you. There may be no greater delight than the view from the deck of a riverboat sliding gracefully along a ribbon of waterway, surrounded by any of a myriad of types of terrain on different cruises. Great scenery, wonderful tours of interesting towns, delicious food, excellent onboard lecturers and talented guest entertainment (if I do say so myself!). Low key, casual, all-inclusive, small crowds (180 or less), and some of the nicest onboard staff I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

For more info about cruising with American Cruise Lines or Pearl Seas Cruises, here’s a link to their websites.

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